I wrote this a year ago. How beautiful time is.

i.  The day my parents dropped me off for college,
    I tried to console my crying mother by saying 
    “At least now you wont find my hairs all over the place now.”
    And I wonder if anyone will ever find my hairs and not rebuke me.

ii.  Your fist is the size of your heart.
      And I’m learning that both bruise and break equally.

iii. I’m trying to quit smoking.
     I’m trying to forget the taste you left in my mouth.
     I keep claiming I’m not addicted,
     But I wonder how many last packs I’ll have.

iv. Skin burns.
     And I keep burning myself trying to play with the fire.

Sext: “Wanna listen to Basement?”


Balance and Composure.
The Neptune.
Seattle. 4/29/14.
My cheeks grow dandelions, and I always thought they were so pretty until I was told they were weeds, and I spend most of my days wondering about the difference, and wondering if I can ever forgive the person who pointed it out. Ashley Wylde in Daisies and Dandelions (via ashleywyldepoetry)
oh babyy

Anonymous said: in your 2 most recent pictures you've uploaded of yourself you look a lot like kylie jenner

Oh my GODDD. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL. thank you so much!! Greatest compliment!

The sky is drowning in stars
and every time I spill vodka straight into my chest I shake a lot
and I hate my name
and my father
and when I was little I thought sunsets were fire in the sky
I’m terrified of drowning
I’m good at English
I broke my arm when I was 6
I hate the freckles on my nose
I sleep better when it’s raining
I miss you
I always will a list of facts  (via extrasad)

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